"Serve Others as You would Serve Yourself"            
The name of "Castleburn" from the combination of the majestic Garden Castle  mountain that towers over the property and the word "burn", is a Scottish name for a  small stream. A trout fisherman's paradise, the southern Drakensberg takes comfort in being less  well known - as this means it has managed to retain its quality of seclusion, privacy  and that off-the-beaten track feeling. If you truly want to get away from it all,  switch off the phones, leave the laptop at home, and take a walk on the tranquil side.  The southern Drakensberg lays a bit off the beaten tourist track and is not very well  known.  Here the nature lover finds alpine landscapes of dramatic beauty. Trout anglers  consider the southern Drakensberg to be a favourite haunt due to the region's  abundance of crystal clear lakes and rivers. There are several nature reserves, of  which particularly the Kamberg and the Loteni are worth a visit. In both reserves live  the almost extinct reedbuck, blessbuck, eland, bushbuck and oribi. A wonderful  circular trail leads through the Loteni Reserve.   The tourist highlight of the southern Drakensberg is the Sani Pass. It's the highest  pass-road in South Africa and leads all along the upper Mkomazana River up to the  border with Lesotho (2874 metres above sea-level). One frequently comes across  people from Lesotho on their donkeys.  At the river one can find many an idyllic picnic spot. Particularly the last part of the  untarred stretch (behind the South African border post) is extremely steep and rocky  and can only be managed with a four-wheel drive vehicle. But the breathtaking view of  the rugged alpine landscape is a memorable reward. It is highly recommended to cross  the border, because on the Lesotho side there is a little restaurant and a Basotho  village. Contact Details: PO Box 6235 Westgate 1734, Republic of South Africa. Phone +27 011 760 1120. email ron@fairfields.co.za
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