"Serve Others as You would Serve Yourself"            
South Africa's holiday playground par excellence, Durban offers a sparkling array of entertainment all  year round. Besides the famous beachfront, where bronzed surfers rub cheeks with some of the  most  beautiful women in the world and flamboyantly attired Zulus give joy rides  in the gaily decorated "ricksha" carts, there is fun and  fascination in store  for absolutely everyone.  A stone's throw from the high rises and sophisticated shopping complexes is  the exotic patchwork of the Indian  mosques, temples and intriguing little  shops redolent with incense and  spices. In the  same vein, the  Victoria Street Market sells  everything from carvings to clothing,  and bead sellers are everywhere,  peddling anything from African  beadwork to belts, baskets and  curios. The sea world  with plenty to see in the vivid aquariums. The World  Cup Soccer Stadium is a must for the sightseer. For a complete change of  pace, take in the sights of Durban's bustling port on a harbor cruise,  rounded off with a tour of the Sugar Terminal. pectacular scenic attractions, a wealth of wildlife, and a  variety of towns and villages Slightly further afield are the exotic  delights of the Umgeni River Bird Park, the Fitzsimmons Snake  Park, the Japanese Gardens and Durban's splendid Botanic Gardens  which include an orchid house, a cycad collection and a garden for  the blind. Museums, theatres, flea markets, horse racing, night  clubs, restaurants - they are all part of  the unique recipe that makes Durban  indeed a place where the the Fun Never  Sets. The latest addition to Durban’s Golden  Mile beachfront is the famous uShaka Marine World named after  Shaka, king of the Zulu nation.  Click on any of the resorts below for a description and details of the Timeshare available 
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