"Serve Others as You would Serve Yourself"            
There is a new exchange organisation on the block with exciting ideas and cost savings.  As a Holiday Owner, your primary resort became yours to use during your allocated ownership time, but by  joining iExchange your primary ownership now allows you to be part of a community who are crazy about  holidays. So now, when you would like to take more than one holiday, experience an alternative resort or  holiday at a different time than your allotted ownership time, iExchange will hook you up to a vacation  exchange network of holiday owners who are also looking to swap their allocated holiday time for an even  more exciting places.  iExchange gives owners access to a large variety of timeshare accommodation in various inventory pools,  including RCI and South Africa’s largest Holiday Club, whilst retaining all your existing holiday ownership  benefits. Exchange fees for both local and international transactions are highly competitive, and the  iExchange philosophy of "One-Stop-Travel Shop" for all your travel requirements, allows you access to  travel services at the best possible prices. iExchange has at its disposal all the timeshare weeks available for use and exchange from RCI South  Africa, RCI International, Holiday Club, Interval International and Dial and Exchange (the latter two  organizations are both international groups).  The following are a list of benefits:-  • Free membership • Access to 200 resorts throughout Southern Africa (160 local resorts now)  • Access to over 4000 resorts internationally • No banking fees  • Highly competitive local and international exchange fees  • One-Stop-Travel Shop for all your iTravel needs  • Search and Book online 24/7* (From 2013)  • Bank and accumulate iPoints for up to 3 years  The one thing that stood out head and shoulders above the rest of the exchange organizations is that  unlike most other timeshare exchange organizations there IS NO SIGN-UP FEE NOR ANY ANNUAL  MEMBERSHIP FEES and their exchange fees are less than those charged by other exchange organizations  – not to forget the massive timeshare inventory at their disposal which gives you a better chance of  getting the exchange you want.  Simply contact iExchange on the numbers following and register yourself and your timeshare. You do not  have to use the exchange system immediately you can do this at your leisure. Remember to get all their   terms and conditions and use the exchange system to it fullest benefit.  If there is any subject you want to see regarding timeshare please let me know - OR - you can send me your news and views. Please note that I have the right to publish your views or not. VISIT THE HOT SPECIALS PAGE TO SEE THE LIST OF WEEKS THAT ARE UP FOR SALE Contact Details: PO Box 6235 Westgate 1734, Republic of South Africa. Phone +27 011 760 1120. email ron@fairfields.co.za PLEASE SEE THE SPECIAL OFFERS UNDER HOT SPECIALS IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE OUR REGULAR SPECIALS & OUR NEWSLETTER PLEASE SEND US YOU DETAILS IN THE CONTACT FORM HERE OR ABOVE
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