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This article on timeshare exchange is an update of the original written by Ron Rutter. You may remember Ron, who was the founder of Fairfields Timeshare Sales at the time when iExchange came into being over ten years ago. This is the first in a series of articles on exchange companies, starting with iExchange.

What is Timeshare Exchange and how does it work?

Timeshare exchanging means trading your timeshare week with another timeshare owner’s week at another resort or even another time of the year. This way a Timeshare Exchange company facilitates the holiday swop process through their affiliation with various resorts. Some of the best-known timeshare exchange companies include iExchange , First Exchange and RCI – (Resort Condominiums International).


iExchange is part of The Beekman Group, which has been a leader in the South African leisure industry for more than 50 years. Given that this exchange company is affiliated with various leisure clubs, resorts and other exchange companies, it gives its members many privileges. Firstly, the members have access to vacation destinations throughout Southern Africa, and secondly International holiday destinations.

Even though the vacation industry suffered great losses during the Covid pandemic, it has fully recovered. Moreover, the iExchange staff and consultants are doing their best to provide its members with great service. The fact that this exchange company has grown exponentially in ten years, proves its success! It has become one of the most innovative timeshare exchange companies in South Africa.

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How do I do a Timeshare Exchange with iExchange?

First, you’ll need to own a timeshare and register with iExchange which will value your timeshare. As a Holiday Owner, you can become a member of the exchange company, to become part of a community where everyone is crazy about holidays.

iExchange allows timeshare owners to exchange their timeshare for Points, which can be used to access hundreds of local and thousands of international holiday resorts. In fact, iExchange has the largest exchange pool in Southern Africa, offering more destination options than any other provider.

To start the process, simply log into iExchange website and find the calculation of what your timeshare value is worth in points. Thereafter, you proceed to find out what you can get for your points. These are some of the key benefits of becoming part of the iExchange community:

• Free membership – Yes, No Membership Fees

• Access to 200 timeshare resorts throughout Southern Africa (160 local resorts now)

• Access to over 4 000 international timeshare resorts

• No banking fees

• They offer highly competitive local and international exchange fees. Therefore, you only pay when you book a holiday

• One-Stop-Travel Shop for all your travel needs

• Search and Book online 24/7* (From 2013)

• Bank and accumulate points for up to three years

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iExchange contact numbers:

Tel 0861439 242 or 0861iExchange

Int +27 39688 5290

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