At Magalies Park resort there are many activities such as rowing on the dam
  • South Africa has one of the fastest-growing timeshare markets and has a thriving resale industry. We can offer South African timeshare resorts on the resale market that are easily comparable with the finest in Europe and the USA.
  • May we suggest that you make a note of any questions you would like us to answer. None of us looks forward to accounts, but it is necessary to pay this levy to cover maintenance costs and refurbishment – costs to maintain the standard of quality of your timeshare resort.
  • An Annual General Meeting is held where all timeshare owners can have their say and be kept updated with what is happening at their resort as well as to any levy increases.
  • HOW DO I PAY MY LEVIES? Your annual maintenance fees, or levies, are payable directly to the resort, and can usually be paid with credit card authorization. THOSE WHO CAN NOT AFFORD A LUMP SUM TO PAY THEIR ANNUAL LEVY CAN MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH THEIR RESORT TO PAY OFF THE LEVY BY MONTHLY DEBIT ORDER.
  • Many good folks use their annual bonuses to go on holiday. Some save up on a monthly basis to cover the cost of the holiday accommodation and some, sadly, sit at home. The wise holidaymakers purchase a timeshare which they can afford – and when they go on holiday their accommodation is paid for and whatever money they take with them on holiday is spending money!
  • Naturally, annual levies will rise. if a timeshare resort increases its levies so do the standard holiday resorts by way of their daily tariff charges. The difference is that timeshare owners have direct control over the setting of the levies through the annual general meeting.
  • The levies vary from development to development since resort running costs are dependent on many different upkeep and maintenance factors, for example, beachfront vs bushveld etc. Gold Crown vs Standard Family- type resorts.
  • Owners of timeshare who use their week wisely – i.e. go and enjoy their holiday or space bank the week to try another resort, will always admit that: “timeshare is always a winner”
Hartbeespoort dam is affectionately called "Harties"
Hartbeespoort Dam
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Marina Rutter

I learnt about timeshare from the best teacher, Ron Rutter. Fairfields was founded by him in 1982 and he was well-known in South Africa. I hope to give you the same excellent services to honour his name. As his motto states:
"Serve Others as You would Serve Yourself"