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The First Group, Magalies Park Timeshare Resort is like a “home away from home” for many folks from Pretoria and Johannesburg because it is so close. Many people phone to ask “how timeshare works” so this is it in a nutshell.

  • The weeks at Magalies park are divided into two sections – there are Peak P or sometimes called H weeks which fall into the Gauteng government school holiday periods and Flexi weeks which are all the rest of the years’ weeks.
  • Peak weeks are fixed and will always be in the school holidays even if the school holidays move about.
  • There are 13 PEAK weeks and 39 Flexi weeks every year. Many of the FLEXI weeks fall into the private school holidays.
  • FLEXI WEEKS may be broken up into a mid-week break (Monday to Friday) and a weekend break (Friday to Monday). You cannot break one week up into two or three weekends.
  • You can use either the mid-week break or the weekend break and then Spacebank the break you do not use and save up those days (Points) and add them to next year’s days (Points). Alternatively, you can use the two breaks at any time of the year except in the school holidays.
  • In the event you do this you must use your Weeks (Points) within three years from the time you have Space-banked your weeks (Points). As you can see you can save up to three years of Weeks (Points) and use them as you wish.
  • Once the timeshare is registered in your name, you can join one of the exchange companies.
    Included in the ownership of a timeshare at Magaliespark is Country Club Membership whereby you and your family/friends can go there at any time, including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, as a day visitor to enjoy the resort and its facilities. If you own a Peak week, you can access the resort at any time, however, if you own a FLEXI week you cannot access the resort during PEAK periods.
  • Only owners are allowed access to Magalies park and they are very strict about this.
  • As Magaliespark is affiliated with RCI and First Exchange you will be able to join any or both these organisations and exchange your timeshare to over 170 resorts in South Africa as well as more than 4,000 resorts worldwide
  • You, or one of your immediate family, will also be allowed to join the Magaliespark golf club and play there as many times as you wish. You will also be registered with the South African Golf Union (SAGU) and will receive an official SA handicap … which entitles you to play golf anywhere in South Africa at reduced rates. For green fees, visit the Magalies Park Golf Club link.
  • Magaliespark is a very popular resort and there is enough to do for everyone including the children. To view more information on the resort, the accommodation, restaurants and Wellness Center visit The Magaliespark Website.

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Marina Rutter

I learnt about timeshare from the best teacher, Ron Rutter. Fairfields was founded by him in 1982 and he was well-known in South Africa. I hope to give you the same excellent services to honour his name. As his motto states:
"Serve Others as You would Serve Yourself"


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